Leveling Up Your Employee Retention Strategy

Location: Online (Zoom)

Dates: July 22 - August 12

Why should your employees stay?

With workplace stress and burnout on the rise, leaders across the globe are seeing decreased levels of employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Companies are scrambling to stop the bleeding and create environments that will entice employees to stay. 

This webinar series brings together industry experts to address crucial areas affecting your employee retention strategy: recruiting, onboarding, recognition, benefits, self-development, psychological safety, manager effectiveness, and more.

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Webinar Schedule

Thursday, July 22 at 10-11am PT

Optimizing the Recruitment Process to Retain Employees

Retention is impacted by ALL stages of the employee lifecycle, starting with attraction and recruitment. Does your organization truly hire diversely and inclusively? Do recruiters understand top business needs to evaluate the right candidates? Week 1 of this Employee Retention webinar series will explore best practices to invest in talent and boost retention rates for the future.

You Will Learn...

  • How understanding brain science will help your organization hire more diversely and inclusively without bias
  • Ways recruiters and managers can collaborate to find the ideal candidate for each role
  • Tech tools to assist with effectively identifying talent gaps and recruiting
  • Misconceptions to avoid that result in poor hiring decisions

Thursday, July 29 at 10-11am PT

Retention Through Recognition: Feedback,
Growth, and the Rise of Self

How do you keep employees learning and not leaving? Week 2 of this Employee Retention webinar series will flip the ignition switch on individual employee growth and the rise of self. We will discuss the psychological impacts of recognition, learning, growth, and cross-cultural communication to create strong, inclusive environments that keep people engaged. 

You will Learn:

  • Identifying employee recognition styles while considering cultural differences
  • Defining opportunities for skill development towards employees’ goals and growth
  • Creating a sense of community and inclusion, especially for underrepresented people
  • Building an inclusive feedback loop to course-correct and keep employees motivated

Thursday, August 5 at 10-11am PT

Understanding Workplace Trauma and Employee


Organizational behavior frameworks like psychological safety are often thought of in isolation but never in relation to organizational realities like workplace trauma. Different causes of workplace trauma could attribute to unrealistic deadlines and job descriptions, burnout, toxic environments, bias, and racism. 

According to The American Institute of Stress, employees noted that 46% of their overall stress comes from their workload. Culture, performance, and retention begin to suffer when employees including management feels overwhelmed and unsupported.

ThinkHuman and 15Five have invited people leaders to share their understanding of what can cause workplace trauma and how culture impacts employee well-being.

You Will Learn...

  • First-hand experience and stories about workplace trauma 
  • Actionable ways to give space for psychological safety to discuss trauma in the workplace.
  • How deepening relationships and having difficult conversations could go a long way with the wellbeing and psychological hygiene of team members.

Thursday, August 12 at 10-11am PT

Retaining Employees by Boosting

Manager Effectiveness

People leave managers, not companies. Employee retention starts by setting expectations around the employee-manager relationship and training those managers to be effective. In Week 4 of this webinar series, we will cover best practices on one-on-one meetings, performance management, and career growth conversations to empower employees as individuals.

You will Learn:

  • Holding effective one-on-one meetings that make employees feel valued
  • Identifying then aligning individual employee strengths with their role
  • Training managers to enable a positive performance review experience
  • Reinforcing culture and values throughout the organization

Featured Speakers

** WEEK 1 **

Polly Stocks

Lance Sapera

Riham Satti

Adriana Clark

Human Resources Business

Partner at 15Five

VP of Talent Acquisition at Talend

CEO and Co-Founder at MeVitae

HR Manager at BambooHR

** WEEK 2 **

Susan Lovegren

Stefanie Chow

Dr. Alex Shubat

Sienna Brown

EVP, CHRO, Board Member

and Advisor

Virtual Events Manager at 15Five

CEO & Co-Founder at Espresa

Senior Manager of Global DEI Strategy, PowerToFly

** WEEK 3 **

Hakemia Jackson

Zo Nicole

Francesca Walker, M.Ed.

Jesyka Simpson, SPHR, ACC

Moderator at ThinkHuman

Product Manager at 15Five

Instructional Designer & Facilitator

at ThinkHuman

Founder at 10k Collective

** WEEK 4 **

Shannon Derbyshire

Shawn Gulyas

Libby Mullen-Eaves

Maribel Olvera

Manager Enablement Program Manager at 15Five

The Thought Catalyst

at humanworks

Senior Director of People 

Operations & Culture at BizLibrary

SVP of Operations at

The Predictive Index



Why should your employees stay?


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